OMSI Sherlock Exhibition Social Sweepstakes


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As if Sherlockians needed another reason to travel to the amazing Sherlock Exhibition at OMSI, the museum is making the opportunity to make the trip even more awesome. They want to see your pilgrimage to Portland to view the exhibit. Even if you have already made the trek to the Rose City don’t fret you can still post the photos of your trip.  Share your adventures and your amazing costumes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and make sure to include where you traveled from and tag the photos with the hashtag #sherlockpilgrimage. This contest started November 1 and will go through November 30. OMSI will randomly draw a winner from these entries for the first $100 prize package! I’m am told the swag will make any Sherlockian very happy! So come on up to experience the exhibition and have a great time in Portland!

There will be another chance to win in December as well, this will include all the Sherlock fans, even ones that cannot make the trip to see the exhibition.   During December 1-31 OMSI will post a cypher challenge for fans to solve. The solution will be the clue on how to enter to win. One lucky fan will receive a $100 prize package.

I will also post the cypher challenge here as well December 1.

You can follow OMSI on twitter and Facebook. You can also follow The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes on Facebook and Twitter as well.

I am on Twitter as @jfar09 and I will keep all my Sherlockians updated!

Written By: Jessica Farley

Picture submitted by OMSI


Depression is an odd thing…



Society thinks that people only suffer depression when things are going south in one’s life; or that’s at least what I have observed. I think in reality, in my reality anyway, depression has a way of attacking when you least expect it. Things in my life right now are going as well as they ever have. I’m studying what I love, my writing is being accepted and appreciated, I just moved into a great place, and bought my first car. Tomorrow I have one of my first media preview and it’s for something that I love and will really enjoy sharing with others. (The review is for The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at OMSI) All that being said, that gnawing emptiness that depression is known for is started to be felt again. I’ve come to a place where I can write about it, which really helps, but I just wanted to put it out there that if you know someone who suffers from depression, please don’t judge them when their depression crops up. It doesn’t mean that they are giving up, or that they are not grateful for what they have or where they are in their life. We barely understand the reasons ourselves so be patient when we try to explain what’s going on in our heads.

Here we go

So my old blog was deleted, so we are starting over. My first major entry will be my review of The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. I will be attending the media preview on Wednesday October the 9th and hope to have the blog posted by the weekend. Mostly I will be writing reviews for movies, books and TV shows, but I have a just a few opinions on almost everything so whatever I’m excited about at the time will end up here.